Coaching can transform your dreams, your goals, and your ideas into


…because actions move you forward and create


Yukari Kunisue, Life Coach in Hawaii

Yukari Kunisue, Life Coach in Hawaii


Hello,  I am Yukari, your life coach.

Before it exists, it's an idea in someone’s mind.

            Your cellphone, laptop, desk, and even your shirt and shoes were once an idea.

            Someone took actions.


You too have an idea. Goals. Dreams. It could be a tiny goal or a goal of a life.

My job is to help you narrow down, find, formulate, plan, progress check, move forward and accomplish THE goal you set.



I live and work from Hawaii, my dream place for many decades.

I connect with my clients and business partners through internet, Skype, Facetime, Line in my life coaching and online course business.

I make my own schedule, write blogs, record podcast episodes and develop online classes while enjoying this beautiful paradise in the Pacific. Some days I work for 12 hours straight, while other days I go to the beach, practice yoga, and take a walks with my favorite people and dog.

Yukari Kunisue, Life Coach in Hawaii

Yukari Kunisue, Life Coach in Hawaii

I dreamed of this type of life for many many years.

But I did not take actions.

I just kept the dream in my head.


One day I shared this dream with my life coach Karen.

“That’s so wonderful that you have that dream,” Karen said.

“You already know where and how you want to live and work.”

“Yeah” I said with a meek smile, knowing it was a dream that would never come true.

Karen then asked,

“Well, when are you going to start packing?”


“Oh, no! I am not there YET,” I exclaimed.

Things have to be this way and that way—

My divorce papers have to be signed,

My daughter needs to graduate from high school,

I have to pay off this and that debt,

I have to save up, at least, this much,

I need to finish this and that project…


I was so eloquent in listing up all the excuses why I can NOT reach my dream.


After that conversation with my life coach, I held my cat who was curled up next to my laptop.

He was an old cat whom I named “Hawaii” when I had adopted him 15 years prior to that day.

I have had the same dream over 15 years, but never took any actions.


Karen’s simple question—when are you going to start packing?—was like a little prick to my head.


No matter how great the dream is,

Unless you take action, it is ONLY a dream.

It will stay as a dream for the rest of your life.

I decided….

I can no longer use my energy for all the excuses.

I may never be really ready.

I may never feel totally in control and comfortable.


I don’t care! I said to myself.

I don’t care how slow the speed is.

I will move forward from today on.


It took few more years until when we actually moved to Hawaii.

The old cat Hawaii survived the long trip.

He spent the last two years of his life in a comfortable house on Hawai'i.

His body is laying peacefully now under a beautiful heliconia bush.


Coaching starts with a simple question.

Where are you now?

What do you really want?

What’s stopping you?

Where do you want to reach?


when are you going to start packing?




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