L. RRossana, instructor, editor, aspiring book author

There are times in life when you could use a helping hand, especially when the next step in life seems illusive. I felt I was going in circles, getting nowhere. Yukari masterfully listened to my woes, took notes, and began to ask questions. Before I knew it, there was a tangible plan, MY plan. Taking the first step, then the next, was so simple, I was amazed. It began with the first step of getting a notebook and writing down what I needed to accomplish each day. What notebook? What size? What color? What color pen? With such clarity through Yukari’s help, the purchase of purple notebook and pen was the first step and first accomplishment. From there, goals – small steps, are set and achieved. I’m now onto bigger goals, and with Yukari’s coaching, I am moving forward in my life. I’m grateful!



  Cheryl B in VA, 46


Dr. Kunisue was instrumental in helping me make remarkable progress on a project that I was avoiding.  My work was being met with strong resistant until she came along. Her approach to coaching is one which engenders feelings of self confidence. 

Everything she suggested worked for me, partly because she was so dedicated to my success but also because she created a safe, caring and trusting relationship which allowed me to stay on track with my goals.  She has a sincere passion for helping others and her passion combined with her positive outlook will enable anyone to achieve success.





Nidhi C. Psychiatric Nurse


My goal was to lose weight and keep it off permanently.  Yukari and I discussed this and came up with a workable plan that helped me lose weight slowly in a structured way that included exercise, diet changes and stress management.  While I am very enthusiastic about exercise, I needed specific information about restructuring my diet that would complement my exercise efforts.  Her education about diet was invaluable.  


Yukari's motivated me to stick to the plan and her own role modeling was an important factor in my success.  I found her easy to work with and her style of blending motivation with feedback was very helpful.  Her steady pace allowed me to internalize the changes I was making so I became my own coach.  Our work together has resulted in my achieving my health goal and has expanded my horizon to other aspects of wellness.  I recommend her without reservation.



Christine G. Teacher


I just want to thank you for coaching me last week. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it helped me, both in and out of the classroom. I learned a lot about myself in that short session and I was able to take away some very important and useful tips for handling my situation. 

Your coaching really gave me guidance on how to prioritize my goals and get started working towards them. You are an excellent coach. I feel confident that I am ready to move forwads with my goals now that you've helped provide me with focus on the steps to take. 

I really enjoyed that (coaching) approach because instead of just talking, I took away some practical tips. It was just what I needed!


Clients who went through Life Coaching/Yoga Therapy Program


"Absolutely the most relaxing and positive energy session I have experienced. Daily troubles melted away with my conscious and subconscious mind experiencing a total cleansing" 

(Mr. W.  48)



“My body feels as if it is glowing. I just returned from a yoga-therapy session with Dr. Yukari Kunisue and am so enthusiastic about her practice! In her sessions, Yukari provides her clients with a beautiful balance between being pampered (gentle assistant touch), exercising (doing yoga poses), and talk therapy (creating or enhancing awareness of your body). Yukari's unique approach will benefit all who are interested in their wellness, ranging from people new to yoga to seasoned yoga practitioners and athletes.”(Dr. C., 40’s)



“Dr. Kunisue’s approach to bodywork is broad in scope as well as specific to areas of concern.  Her gentle and nurturing approach to healing and wellness served as a guide to my inner world.  She helped me get to a place where I could examine my mind, body and spirit clearly.  Not only was our session very effective, it was also very enjoyable”                ~S           35years old


Unsure of what I was about to experience I was a little nervous at the beginning of the session. But I had a good feeling about Yukari...and it proved spot on!

She began the session with a number of seemingly innocuous questions which as I answered them, I began to understand they had a deeper purpose behind them. 

I became assured that I was in the hands of someone who was a deeply committed professional who was truly interested in helping me "heal" and reach a new level of physical and mental well being.

Yukari led me through a series of yoga moves, which were familiar to me as I had met her at a yoga studio.

My mind, which had been "noisy" became quieter and quieter as we progressed from move to move with her healing hands guidance.

I entered a different "space" and then she preformed a
supportive hold exercise I had never experienced...and it led me to a place I had never seen before...but had always wanted to "see". 

My closed eyes began to see a "golden glow" which progressively got stronger and stronger and I felt like I was on the verge of seeing a new world...and then the exercise stopped but the sense of being taken to a new place...a better place remained with me.

Later in our after therapy "hanseikai" talk Yukari said what I experienced is similar to other recipients of the Yoga Therapy Hawaii but I really liked the fact that she said, if she had known how close I was to seeing that "new world" she would have continued the supportive exercise longer...

Which to me is the true hallmark of a professional...finding out how they could have helped their client through learning from each experience...

Which is why I will be back soon to experience the next level of Yoga Therapy Hawaii with Yukari, a "teacher of teachers". 

Five star. Highly recommended.

With Aloha;

Grif Frost, Serial Entrepreneur

Chairman of the Board, Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine

Aspiring Yogi and CrossFit Athlete

Founder of the LQ Institute (LQ=Life Quality)

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